Global Distributed Honeynet (GDH) Phase Two starting

After doing a lot of work leading phase one of The Honeynet Project’s Global Distributed Honeynet (GDH) last year, I’m please to announce that internal development has begun on GDH Phase Two today. Initially this will result in new public Honeywall releases (version 1.4 this month integrates a second generation of our Hflow data fusion tool, followed by version 1.5 which will hopefully support attacker source IP to keystroke mapping in all Sebek related tools at last! Hopefully the three month kick start phase will be extended throughout 2008 and we’ll be releasing lots of interesting research data once an expanded global sensor network is operational. GDH Phase Two will include also client honeypots (based on Capture-HPC) and should also see some long overdue improvements to our Honeysnap reporting tool too.

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