Honeynet Project restructuring and elections

The Honeynet Project has recently completed a major internal restructuring, which sees the end of the Research Alliance and a move to a new Chapter based membership model (for example, we become the Honeynet Project’s UK Chapter). You can find out more about the new organisation, it’s bylaws and further membership information here.

As part of this restructuring process, active Honeynet Project members have elected a new Board of Directors and assigned various operational positions for the next three years. This includes David Watson from the UK group, who becomes a Honeynet Project Director and it’s Chief Research Officer.

With the restructuring process now complete, we are looking forward to getting back to honeynet research and development. A second, larger phase of our Global Distributed Honeynet (GDH) is already planned for 2008, along with more collaboration with other active security research groups.

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