Honeynet Project annual workshop

The Honeynet Project holds an annual workshop every year, which is always an excellent opportunity for members from all around the world to get together in person and discuss their research.

For the first time, this year’s event was hosted by members of the Costa Rican Honeynet Project and held outside of the US, in Heredia, Costa Rica. Thirty five members of the Honeynet Project met for four days, including Jamie and David from the UK group. As part of the first day’s shared presentations, David updated the group on the current state of our Global Distributed Honeynet (GDH). The last two days were spent on various R&D tracks, of which the largest was the initial planning session for GDH Phase Two in 2008.

Overall the event was excellent, with many participants feeling that this was the best annual workshop yet, and hopefully we’ll see the fruits of our collective activities next year.

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