Multipot released

iDEFENSE Labs Releases Multipot “Authored by David Zimmer, iDEFENSE Labs is releasing Multipot, an open source emulation based honeypot designed to capture malicious code which spreads through various exploits across the net. Multipot is available for download from: Multipot was designed to emulate exploitable services to safely collect malicious code. Further information is available in the bundled install file. Process Stalker and OllyDbg Breakpoint Manager were separately updated to address various bugs. More information regarding the changes is available in the respective bundled archives also available on the iDEFENSE Labs website.” Two similar tools are also being actively developed by researchers from the German Honeynet Project and are available here: Nepenthes: MWcollect: (funded by the Honeynet Project)

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