A list of ideas for future research items was recently posted on the main Honeynet Project website, suggesting ideas for new honeynet related research and development. If you are looking for information on current honeynet research topics, please take a look at this page.

In addition, the UK Honeynet Project are also interested in potential research project covering the following topics:

  • Distributed honeynet deployment, operation and data analysis
  • Automated malware collection and analysis systems
  • “Groundhog” self deploying virtual Windows XP honeypots (automatically detect a compromise, extracts downloaded malware and restart itself)
  • Improving current data analysis tools
  • Attacks against high value honeypots, such as financial Point of Sale systems
  • Deploying novel honeypots:
    • Debian X-Box honeypot
    • PS3 Honeypot
    • IMac Mini honeypot
    • Solaris honeypots
    • SGI honeypots

Please feel free to get in touch if any of the above are of interest to you, or if you have other areas of research and are interested in collaboration.